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Questions to ask potential roommates
Many people are able to find roommates through mutual friends, but if you don't know anyone who's looking for a roommate, how do you cope with meeting strangers?

Finding a bed
If you only have the money to buy one piece of furniture, you'll likely choose to get a mattress.

The most amazing mouthwatering steaks
Tips on grilling steaks.

10 tips on decoupage
Decoupage is a cheap and easy way to decorate objects by gluing colored paper cut outs onto them in combination with special paint effects.

Be the perfect host by selecting the perfect wine
Suggestions to help you pick the right wine for the right moment or special meal.

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Decorating on the cheap
BBQ step-by-step
Getting rid of roaches

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How Long Should I Keep Important Documents?
Cranky Neighbors!
Cable Or DSL?


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