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Politics Articles

Iowa youth turnout rate more than triples
"Now it is up to political leaders to reach out to younger Americans and run campaigns that address their issues and concerns."

Dissonant discourse turning off college students to formal politics
College students in the United States are hungry for political conversation that is authentic, involves diverse views, and is free of manipulation and "spin."

HeadCount uses music to engage voters
HeadCount uses the assets of the music industry and the incredible influence artists have over their fans to mobilize concert-goers to action.

Effect of TV on youth engagement
"While overall our research showed a negative correlation between the amount of TV viewing and involvement in civic activities, we did find some important and interesting exceptions."

New analysis shows 2008 could be watershed election
Rising anxiety over the loss of the American Dream is shaping views and potential voting behaviors of swing voters.

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Discrimination against youth voters
Best sites for voters
Organizations that have made a difference

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The War on Drugs
Corporations and Ethics


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