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Balancing Work and Your Social Life

Sometimes, finding a balance between one's social life and work life can be an overwhelming undertaking. Some people tend to be so tired after work that they head straight home and become lonely and depressed because of their lack of a social life. Others have too much of a social life and burn themselves out by working all day and partying all night. There are some basic do's and don'ts to keep you from either one of these fates and make sure you're healthy and balanced.

First, you need to put a limit on the number of work nights that you go out. Try and limit yourself to only two and make sure you're home at a decent hour. Weeknights are good for going out for dinner with a friend or even just grabbing a cup of coffee. Save the late movie nights and parties for Friday and Saturday when you don't have to get up early in the morning.

Make sure that you save at least one night a week for some downtime with just yourself. Take a bubble bath, order take-out, watch a movie, or just lie in bed and read a book. Forget all about both your work and social life. It's best to do this around midweek when you're starting to wear out. You'll come back to work the next day rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the week.

When you do go out on a work night, limit your alcohol intake. There's nothing worse than trying to give an early morning presentation with a hangover—or, for that matter, missing your early morning presentation entirely. Give yourself a work night curfew and stay within it. Socializing should never prevent you from showing up on time.

To make sure you do enough socializing, try booking a lunch or dinner date with a good friend at least once a week. Organize a poker night at your house or apartment on Friday night or invite some friends to the movies on the weekend. Socializing is a good way to get your head out of work: there's nothing quite like a good friend and a glass of wine to solve all your problems. Another person can offer an outsider's perspective and help you think of new solutions.

Let your body and mind tell you if you are socializing too much or too little. You are the best judge of your own limits as long as you listen to yourself.

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